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How The Social Media Affects Us

This has nowadays turned out to be a portion of our everyday lifestyles and  have been with us over the previous years and still with us. It is just like any other media such as a magazine, radio stations, and TV, however, it has a powerful potential than just sharing information as well as ideas.

Tools of the social networks, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr are powerful platforms for creation and exchange of suggestions in a quick and straightforward way. The strength of defining and control a brand is switching from organizations and corporations to individuals and communities.

In the year January 2010, In Sites Consulting has carried out an online survey having 2,884 people from more than FOURTEEN nations between the age range of eighteen to fifty five years old found on social networking. More than ninety percent of participants are aware of at least One social networking website as well as SEVENTY TWO Percentage of participants are part of at least one social networking site.

At a minimum, individuals have about one hundred and ninety-five online friends and these people log in two times each day to social networking websites. Nevertheless, fifty-five percent of the members are unable to log into social network sites when they are at work.

At first, not many grownups were capable of having more than FIVE HUNDRED friends, however, with the power of social media, even a kid or teen can have more than 500 people as friends in a couple of days by just pressing the mouse.


Apart from having the opportunity to interact with many people in a quick and straightforward way, social media additionally assist teens who have social or actual mobility limitations to develop and also maintain relationships with their friends as well as families. Children who go international to study can still reach their parents through social media.


  • Social media helps, urgent messages to go viral. For instance In the year 2008, Us President Obama won the political election using the great potency of the social media to get to large numbers of people or voters. The Obama campaign had created and allocated a massive amount of messages all over electronic mail, SMS, social media websites and their sites.US President Obama together with his campaign team completely understood the essential social need that everybody shares.


There is always a downside to everything that technology has made. Social media was simply made for people to use. It is still up to the users to know how to use it (similar to a knife, can be of help when cutting food but can also hurt people).  Research shows that the time spent online is killing the  face-to-face relationships which tend to  be very important;


  • Social Networking, has started to trick its users to think they are social creatures. For example, spending several hours using Farmville and communicating or chatting with friends at the same time does help to improve social skills. People rely on the technology and even forget how to talk with new people face-to-face.

Online character he/she exhibits entirely differ from his/her offline personality, leading to chaos should in case the two personalities meet one day. It sometimes happens in internet dating when the couple meets each other face-to-face for the very first time.

Their written information do not clearly exhibits their real-life behavior and character. It has been more enticing for people just to type anything that others want to hear rather than saying the real fact.

  • Apart from the “friendship”, owners of social networking websites and users restructure the term, “privacy” on the web as well. The task in data privacy is to share data, whereas protecting individually identifiable details. It seems any info published on social networking websites is long term.

Whenever someone upload pictures or even videos on the web, it begins to spread. When the owner of the uploaded video decides to delete the video he or she uploaded from her social network; a different person might have downloaded it and then published it on other websites like YouTube a long time ago.

Many people upload pictures and videos on social websites without having a second thought that their important and private photos and pictures can reappear at a different place on the internet.

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