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How Technology Affects Our Daily Relationship

Sometimes you begin your day by checking out the email, surfing the most recent news, as well as posting something uncertain.After that, you devote the rest of your time sending text messages, surfing around, posting, updating, tweeting, viewing, and sharing without even saying ‘Hi’ to your spouse or friends. Sound common?

We all have the capability to connect with other people online immediately at our fingertips with the help of internet. However, by being connected, we’re also disconnected. Our societal habits have changed because we prefer to place technology in the middle of our relationships.

While active on our gadgets, the universe gets our divided focus. There are moments in our lives when real conversation is disrupted as soon as we switch our focus to a screen. Let’s confess that we’re all guilty of this moment on a day-to-day hourly time frame.Studies also show that men and women make use of electronic media to make confrontation easier for them, and several relationship fail as a result of this. People are usually not comfortable with face-to-face conversation, so it’s simple to realize why they love to use the Web.

 Precisely since electronic media convey emotions so improperly when compared to in-person communication, many see it as the ideal approach to delivering difficult information: it prevents us from expressing the negative emotional responses like messages engender, which gives us the impression we do not mean harm.Nevertheless, this also usually means we don’t convey most of these messages with as much empathy, and often find ourselves sending a different message than we are supposed to and creating more misunderstandings than we thought of.

Since we easily switch to gadgets for our social demands, we primarily lack the interest for real conversation. Where we make, the big mistake is hoping for relationships to become just as quick and simple as our how our gadgets operate, and as a result, diminishes the quality of interaction that goes on between people.Most times, we build shallow friendships with individuals who discuss a common interest without involving in meaningful conversation. Sometimes most of us hide behind a screen to prevent discomfort as well as confrontation especially when there is a whole lot to get from doing so.

 Due to the presence of technology, we tend only to interact with other people as well as our spouse when we need assistance with something. Even holiday greetings are not as important to us nowadays.Instant messaging along with texting leads to most misinterpretation. Sometimes, instead of requesting for clarification from the senders of the messages we don’t understand, we automatically assume any meanings for the words.

 When we guess or assume but still lack understanding of the terms, we end up being more distrustful or upset. Sometimes I think we individuals forgot the primary purpose of a phone.As long as we try to express our actions electronically, for example writing things like “LOLL” and “LMAO” to describe laughter can under no circumstances be a real substitute for hearing people laugh, which possesses the actual power to raise our mood when we feel dull.

The influence of technology on people interaction draws a quite gloomy image, but it’s a useful experience to encounter since it educates us on the importance of balancing our offline as well as online communications with other people – individually and professionally.

I guess the best approach is to make yourself available to technology only when appropriate. Don’t get me wrong; there were some inconveniences in communication back in the early days that our technological advances have solved, but to stay in touch to avoid any relationship problems, we have to sometimes switch our conversation to offline so that our spouse and friends can have a good time with us.

By concluding, we must learn how to balance the communication we have both online and offline. Be available in different ways and realize when each method is suitable. Till we have gadgets can deliver babies, technology should only assist our relationships.

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