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Why Mothers Are So Special?

Mothers are females who are in a position in relation to their children, who may or perhaps may not be their real offspring. Depending on the context, women can be regarded as mothers, as a result of given birth,  raising children, providing their ovum for fertilization, or perhaps some mixture thereof.


Such circumstances provide a way of delineating the concept of being a mother. Females who fulfill the third and first categories are called  ‘biological mother. Accordingly, a woman who meets only the second condition may be called an adoptive mom, and those who fulfill only the third are surrogacy mothers


Ever asked yourself what existence might be like when there would be no mothers? Not having their care, love and kindness, the house would feel incomplete. Without their loving touches in so many tiny details of our lives, could mean a great harm to us.


It’s their wholehearted love that has made us who we are today. And having our mothers close to us is one of the finest blessings we can request for. They have always provided us that joy, that laughter, that self-confidence, that assurance that we will under no circumstances be able to get anywhere else or from anyone.


However, we may hardly understand the love they have always had for us from day one. That greater love that goes beyond our understanding. That exact love that offered them the power to endure for us to position us before them in such caring ways and to go extra miles simply to supply us with our demands and a lot more.


Mothers will consistently maintain special places within our hearts. Irrespective of how matured, we tend to be or where we have reached in life, they will keep on to be our strong pillar in our times of despair, the hope in our hopelessness. The Mother is the only person in this entire universe who will continue to be happy with what you are without having the intentions to think twice


The potency of a mom always amazes everyone. The way they look after their children and bring them up in the way they should do. They are always available for their children right from the time the baby is conceived and throughout the journey of the child.


It is also an amazing how they have sleepless night simply for the wellness of their kids. How they stay awake in the night just to calm the cries of the little ones.  They keep doing all these things until the baby is fully grown and can do things on his/her own


It’s  incredible as how how moms acquire such delight in their kid’s little progress! How mothers become excited for them when the kids take on their first action, such as their kids being able to say their first word. How they make sure the ways of the young ones are clear when they are left out to examine their little worlds. How they feel for them when they see them hurt and their minds filled with thoughts of their children every day.


Mothers who never boast of themselves for raising great citizens of the society. It amazes the world, even years after their children settle down and get a life of their own, mothers will still be there for them, always given them  words of wisdom and experience.


How they can always be there for us, and place this kind of love in our dwellings that we are unable to picture our comfort zones without having them, despite how nagging they tend to be at times. We don’t cease to owe all our respect and love to them, merely because they offered us life that we can never and ever repay.


They adore us for who we are and have often loved us adequate to discipline us a bit when we do something wrong, and since there is just no substitute for a mother, there is no purpose for not keeping them in our hearts with much gratefulness. Truly we need always to value our moms for what they are.