Relationship Goals

What women want after sex

When men want sex, they can say and do the right things; but how he feels about her is revealed after the sex. Many women get great sex yet feel unloved by the man they are building a future with, many wives feel used by their husbands. Some men start the sex well, get high and conclude it poorly; they doze off as if their objective has been met and have no need for her anymore, making her feel it’s always about him. Women want more than the sexual high, to them, it is an act of intimacy, they long for affection. Man, what she needs after the climax is…


1. To be held to sleep. Cuddle as you talk loving words to each other.

2. To be gently kissed on the lips, forehead and closed eyelids. This shows even after the lovemaking, you still yearn for her.

3. To be told, “I love you”. This confirms to her the lovemaking was done out of love. She is the only one you desire.

4. To be touched on her belly, especially if you two are trying to make a baby.

5. To be prayed for. This shows that what you two have is sacred. You are proud of your love before God.

6. To be told she is beautiful. Praise her physical and inner beauty, destroy any negative self-conscious thought she has.

7. To be looked at with focus. Look deep into her eyes, study her; a woman glows when she feels wanted before, during and after the sex. Search her soul through her eyes.

Relationship with passionate affection

8. To be told how amazing she was. Women often feel a lot of pressure to be sexy and to be great in bed. Tell her how awesome she was, allay her fears and arrest her questioning whether she is good enough in matters sexual. The more you praise her, the more she will do for you.

9. Play with her fingers and the wedding ring. Fingers speak love, touch her fingers, run your finger on the wedding ring you gave her. Tell your wife you are only hers.

10. Apologize or forgive, if it was make-up sex. Don’t let the issue go unresolved and swept under the carpet just because you had great sex.Too many couples are in problems but are hiding behind sex. Let the make -up sex be the start of a new chapter.

11. Stroke her skin. Many men concentrate only on the boobs and what is between the legs. But a woman’s skin all over her body longs for a love sensation. Stroke her gently on her arms, back, neck, hips; escort your touch with kisses planted on her skin.

12. Cover her with the blanket. Protect her even in bed. Pull the blanket over her and tuck her in. Make her feel protected and cared for by her king who minutes ago made her body tremble.

13. A shower together, if the sex was morning glory or a quickie before you leave. Jump into the shower together, laugh, wash each other. This warms her heart.